Nise 100mg tablet

Nise 100mg tablet

Brand: Pharm Evo

Basic  Uses

Pain or inflammation


his medicine is used in the management of pain inflammatory conditions including those associated with osteoarthritis (type of arthritis), postoperative trauma, sports injuries, ear, nose and throat disorders, theeth surgery, bursitis/tendinitis (inflammation of tendons and surrounding area between tendon and bone), thrombophlebitis (vein blockage due to blood clots) and pharyngitis (throat inflammation).

Side Effects

This medicine might cause toxic effect in the upper part of stomach. Please consult your doctor fpcs  if you experience this symptom.



Research suggests that this medicine is not safe to be used during pregnancy. Please consult your doctor before taking this medicine.


This medicine must be used with caution by patients with Renal (kidney) impairment (particularly elderly patients), Liver cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, and those patients with volume or salt depletion.

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